History of David Sharp

It all began in 1976, two entrepreneurs, David Sharp and Les Quick, got together and combined their many years of knowledge and expertise in the embroidery trade, and David Sharp Ltd was formed. 

Thanks to an unshakable commitment to investing in new technology and providing a fast, high-quality and cost effective service to the embroidery industry, David Sharp Ltd became one of the most recognisable names in the industry.

In the early days, every stitch in each design had to be painstakingly drawn and digitised by hand. This process became more efficient in 1978 when we brought the very first Fortron computerised digitising unit into the country. This placed us right at the cutting edge and we’ve consistently remained there by continually updating our systems and technology.

In 2009, we relocated our offices to the South of the UK, in Gosport, Hampshire, where the majority of our team members are now located.

All our designers today utilise the latest top level software available – we are the largest Wilcom® product holder within Europe.

Our aim is to continually set industry standards and exceed our clients’ expectation when it comes to quality and service.